Pleated    Structures


Deployment of large-scale pleated structures appears to have been mainly confined to Japan.

However there are a few western proponents.

One of the pioneers of pleated structures has been David Geiger.

Geiger developed one of the first practical implementations of a cable network roof.

On Geiger's web site there's an essay that discusses pleating.

Horst Berger has also been responsible for creating a number of pleated structures in the west.

The virtues of the pleating pattern seem to have been largely ignored in the west. The vast majority of pleated structures are in Japan.

Many of the pleated structures outside of Japan use the "radial cable" pattern.

Use of this pattern forces the greatest concentration of structural elements towards the point where they are least needed - the zenith - while simultaneously creating a point of weakness - where there are no significant pleats - at that point.


I rate pleating as an very important pattern. That makes it one of the most overlooked important ideas in the western tensile fabric industry, in my view.

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