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Pleating - this web site
Design Experience with Nonlinear Tension Based Systems: Tents, Trusses and Tensegrity
The First Rigidly Clad "Tensegrity" Type Dome, The Crown Coliseum, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Makukouzou membrane roof photographs
Membrane roof model (waveform)
David Geiger's web site
Seoul arena - at
Beijing Granlit Membrane Structure - and their projects
Fabric structures in Architecture [PDF] - by Horst Berger / - Horst Berger
Horst Berger's portfolio - with photographs
Light Structures - Structures of Light: The Art And Engineering of Tensile Architecture - Horst Berger's book


Cravo - retractable roof greenhouses
Retractable Awnings - patio covers
Retractable Awnings
Toyota Stadium roof
Large pleated retractable model
Hyogo Prefectural Tajima Dome - with retractable roof
Retractable pool roof
Retractable pool roof
Flex house - concertina house
Wimbledon retractable roof in pictures
Wimbledon retractable roof
Shellcom sendai
Shellcom sendai
Shellcom sendai
Shellcom sendai
Tajima Dome
Tajima Dome

Tensile Structures - Links

DMOZ: Fabric Structures
DMOZ: Tents and Canvas Structures
DMOZ: Tent Manufacturers
DMOZ: Yurts
Yahoo directory: Fabric Structures
Tent manufacturers - Bruno Postle
Tent software - Bruno Postle
Tents - Bruno Postle

Tensile Structures - Information

Lightweight Structures Institute
Megadome images - at MSMA
MST Center
Introduction to tensile structures
Tensinet members
Apexoo Fabric Structures Directory

Tensile structure companies - UK

Architen Landrell | Architen | Landrell - Chepstow
Base - Brislington, Bristol
Vector FoilTec - ETFE specialists - London
Tony Hogg Design - Flax Bourton, Bristol / Newcastle on Clun, Shropshire
Dave Tomlinson Structures Ltd - Wrington, Bristol
Tensile Fabric - Clifton, Bristol - also Garden Shade
Fenton Holloway - Clifton, Bristol
David Dexter Associates - Bristol & London - ETFE
Structures 1 - Redcliffe, Bristol
Fabric Architecture - also [here] and [here] - Painswick, Gloucestershire
Marshall Marquees - Dundry, Bristol
Rainbow Shelters - Fishponds, Bristol
Ingenu - Bath
TenSys - patterning software - Bath & Australia
Moonburst Structures - Sheffield
Tensarc and ShadePlus - Stirling
Kayam - Norfolk
Rudi Enos Design - Sheffield
Patterner - Rudi Enos Design - Sheffield
J and J Carter - Basingstoke, Hampshire
TimberIntent - Devon
Special Structures Lab - Sheffield
Cameron Holdsworth - Tensile 1 & analysis - Sheffield
Span Design - Hereford
XanaDome - claim a good way to create large-span structures
Architen Steel - Chepstow
Strand7 - UK site - finite element analysis
AuraCustom - Hampshire
Fording Bridge - curved roof structures - Sussex
P.O.C.C.A (Aluminium Structure Services Ltd) - Huntington, Cambridgeshire
Custom Covers - Southampton
Lucas Sails - Porchester, Hants
Specialist Structures Ltd - Wiltshire
Architectural Mesh - Cambridge
Cameron Balloons - Bristol

Polytunnel companies - UK

Northern Polytunnels
Poly Houses - Sussex
Polytunnels .com
First Tunnels
FieldFL Polysystems
Greenhouse-UK: Polytunnels
Morris Polytunnels
Citadel Polytunnels
Nursery Bitz - Horticultural Cladding Spare parts
Garden O' Poly
Knowle Nets Polytunnels
Ferryman Polytunnels - Crediton, Devon
National Polytunnels - Preston, Lancashire

Tent companies - UK

Albion Canvas
White Canvas Tents
World Tents - Buckinghamshire
The Really Interesting Tent Company - Totness, Devon
Tipis - Newton Abbot, Devon - good links pages
Vango - tent manufacturer - lightweight tents - Derbyshire
Robert Saunders - high performance tents
Antarctica Tents - extreme tents
Tents Direct - buy tents
Norwich Camping and Leisure - Norwich
Khyam QE - Backpacking/Cycling/Touring/Festival tents
AJ Big Top Hire
Geodesics Unlimited
Camping Supplies UK
Curlew - Marquee hire
Tectonics - Marquees

Tensile structure companies - International

Birdair | Birdair Lite
SBP - their tensile structures page
Covertex - membrane roofs, Belgium
Canobbio - Tensile structures - based in Italy
China Membrane
Intents - with Horst Berger, in Belgium
Span Systems Inc
Membrane Structures Pty
Membrane Structure Solutions - air supported
Textile Architecture
Mahaffey Fabric Structures
Fabric Structures USA - "Fabric Structures, Portable Fabric Buildings & Fabric Shelters for Storage Needs"
Fabric Shelters USA
Fabric Structures Inc
VESL Tension Span
Universal Fabric Structures
Clamshell Buildings
Gear House - South Africa
World Wide Tents
Mobile Stadiums
Atelier One
Harnois Megadome buildings - industrial - USA
Anchor industries - tents - USA
domeshelter - industrial covering - USA
Asia Tent Technologies
Canvas emporium - India
CENO-TEC - Germany
Tensile Designs
Eagle International Tents
FSI Tensiles ( - South Africa
Vingida - Lithuiania
Vingida - Germany
TensileWorld - China
Membrane Solutions - China
Membrane Structures - Denmark
Skyspan - China
Koch Membrane Structures, Inc.
T.F.S. (Tension Fabric Structures) Design - USA
Tentnology - Canada
WeatherHaven - portable structures - Canada
ACS Production Inc
FStructures - China
Quick Structures

Taiyo group

Taiyo Membrane Corporation
Taiyo Europe
Taiyo Birdair
Taiyo Kogyo - China
Taiyo Kogyo - Korea
Thai Taiyo Tent - Thailand

Tensile structure companies - Japan

TaiyoKogyo - front page
Makukouzou - front page
Stadia in Japan and Korea
Takenaka's list of sports structures in Japan
Takenaka - front page

Domes in Japan

Dome pictures in a blog (scroll down for the domes)
More domes in Japan

Tensile structure software

TenSys - patterning software
Strand7 - finite element analysis software
SurfaceSoftware - software
LIGHTS and other software
MPanel - from Meliar Design, in Wales, UK


The Farley Group
ITEK USA - a manufacturer of large inflatables, including pictures of an aircraft hangar and portable hospital - a lot more large inflatable photos
Inflatable foam walls
Bacon Inflate (UK)

Discussion groups

Tensile Structures - Yahoo group
Pleating - Yahoo group

Joseph Wu
Lang Origami
British Origami Society

Parallel folding

Richard Sweeney - by Ray Schamp
Miura-Ori - origami by Ray Schamp
Joan Michaels Paque
Yuko Nishimura (hit the links on the right)
Origami Tessellations
Membrane folding techniques [PDF]
Deployable membranes designed from folding tree leaves [PDF]

Origami groups

World of Origami group
Origami classroom group
Origami group
PaperFolding group

Fabric pleating

Fashion Incubator - pleating article
Ciment Pleating - UK
Regal Originals - huge flash movie
US Apparel Solutions

Nitin Goyal

Nitin Goyal silk scarf
Nitin Goyal - main site
Nitin Goyal - silk scarves
Nitin Goyal - interiors


Shibori Hand Pleated Fabric

Possibly pleated

Yusa Cho multiple dome, Japan
Yusa Cho multiple dome, Japan - interior
Cairo Indoor Sports Stadium Oita stadium
Osaka intex dome
Osaka intex dome - interior
Creased roof
Unknown UK membrane roof
Red shelter
Station shelter
Hampshire Tennis and Heath Club
Zhengzhou Stadium

More about polytunnels

Home-made Polytunnel
Clovis's gothic hoops - UK
Final stages of the Great Polytunnel Building Event - UK
Polytunnel problems

Fabric suppliers

SLE Cladding - UK
AllPlaz - PVC sheet - also PolytheneSheetingTarpaulins - UK
Mail Order Plastics - PVC sheet - UK
Bay Plastics - UK
DIY Plastics - UK plastic sheet suppliers for diy and trade
DIY Plastics ( - UK
Roof Info - UK
DIY Plas - UK
Fascias - UK
Protech Plastics - glazing - UK
TexLoc - ETFE

Cable suppliers

Mainco - UK
Wire Rope - UK
Gripple - UK
Brunton Shaw - UK
Brunton Shaw - UK
DMOZ: Wire


Vector Foiltec
Large ETFE Cushion
TenSys - ETFE patterning

Structural Engineering

IStructE - The Institute of Structural Engineers


Light Structures - Structures of Light: The Art and Engineering of Tensile Architecture Illustrated by the Work of Horst Berger




Lamina Design - make 3D shapes out of sheet materials


Fuller: US patent 3139957 - 1964.
Berger: US patent 4757650 - 1986.
Geiger: US patent 4736553 - 1986.

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