Pleated    Structures


Industrial flapping - flapping and torn fabrics in industry;
Retractable - retractable roofing;
Insulation - insulated structures;
Basic patterns - some fundamental pleating patterns;
Anticlastic - doubly-curved surfaces;
Flat pattern - an alternative to pleating;
Pull down cables -  an alternative to valley cables;
Blunt pleats - replacing patterning with cables;
Softer boundaries - cable multiplication;
Pleated awnings - shade and shelter around the edges;
Pleated umbrellas - portable rainproofing;
Pleated greenhouse - pleat-it-yourself;
Trapezoid pleating - for creating tubes;
Diamond pleating - for creating tunnels;
Herringbone pleating - aesthetic appeal;
Pleated hypars - hyperbolic parabaloid shapes;
Folded plate - folded - not pleated;

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