Pleated    Structures

Diamond pleating

Diamond pleating is a special case of trapezoid pleating.

It can be used to create tube and tunnel shapes.

Some photographs illustrate the pattern:

Diamond pleating

Diamond pleating

Diamond pleating - close up

Diamond pleating

Diamond pleating - from underneath

This pattern has been known about since at least the 1960s - and may be much older.

The depth of the valleys can be varied by changing the angle between the ridges and the valleys.

A similar pattern has been used to create tensile structures - e.g. see [here], [here] and [here].

In theory, the structure could be made using ridge and valley cables - though the crossed cables seem likely to generate undesirable friction.

Perhaps more practical would be a folded plate structure - perhaps with tensile straps across the upper tips of the diamonds (and underneath them) to increase the resulting strength.


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